Variations on sonic circumstances

by craigepplin

I feel myself expand as I navigate the website of Tania Candiani’s installation “Cinco variaciones de circunstancias sónicas y una pausa.” That’s what I want art to do: expand us in our capacities for being in the world. It’s overwhelming right now to write something brief about the project; I can’t sum up my experience of it. So I’ll just comment on the part I just watched: the Pausa section of the work.

The idea is for writers to tell stories to a scribe, who takes notes and then writes the story, which is later edited and exhibited. I watched the video of Mario Bellatin telling a story to José Edith González, the scribe who worked on the project. The joy on his face as he takes notes is palpable; his slow fingers tapping the keys are highly intentional. We’re going to be discussing this project alongside Walter Benjamin’s essay “The Author as Producer,” and I’m really looking forward to hearing what people have to say about the blend of work and storytelling that this project entails.

Not much more for the moment. Here’s the video itself: